Here’s how coronavirus outbreak went global in two months

steve 1 February, 2020 0

The first case of coronavirus in China was detected in early December. Now, nearly two months later, it’s a full-blown global emergency, with close to 12,000 confirmed cases across the world.

Here’s a look back at how we got here:

December 8: First patient develops symptoms of Wuhan coronavirus
December 31: Earliest cases of virus reported to World Health Organization (WHO)
January 1: Seafood and wildlife market in Wuhan, where the outbreak is believed to have originated, is closed for disinfection
January 7: Chinese scientists identify pathogen involved as new strain of coronavirus
January 9: First death linked to virus
January 20: Cases reported in Beijing and Shenzhen
January 23: Wuhan is placed on lockdown, with movement halted in or out of the city. A total of 60 million people are affected by travel restrictions in Wuhan and neighboring cities. WHO says virus is not yet a public health emergency of international concern
January 28: Death toll tops 100. The number of confirmed cases in mainland China overtakes the deadly 2003 SARS outbreak
January 30: WHO declares a public health emergency of international concern
January 31: Death toll tops 200

February 1: 12,002 cases and 259 Deaths across 27 Countries

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