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Germany: First case of human transmission of coronavirus in Europe confirmed in Munich

Germany confirms three further cases of coronavirus The disease, which has killed more than 100 people in China, has now infected four people in Bavaria. All four instances are thought to be connected to the recent visit of a Chinese worker to the area.

The German Health Ministry confirmed late on Tuesday that three further cases of the new dangerous strain of coronavirus have been discovered in Bavaria, increasing the total number of patients in Germany to four. The three new patients were “connected” to the first found in Germany, which had been verified on Monday.

The health authorities said: “There were a total of around 40 employees who have been determined to have been in contact with the [Chinese] woman. Those affected will be tested on Wednesday as a precaution.”

Health officials added that the first person had contracted the disease from a Chinese colleague who had visited the area for a company workshop a week ago.

The 33-year-old man had been with the Asian coworker and a number of others during the training event, according to Andreas Zapf, president of the LGL state office for health and food security.

The woman who passed on the virus is from Shanghai and only started experiencing symptoms during her return flight home from Germany last Thursday, Zapf said.

Ahead of the woman’s business trip to Bavaria, she had met with her parents, who were visiting from Wuhan, the epicenter of the deadly outbreak.

Germany ‘well prepared’

German Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Twitter on Tuesday that Germany was well equipped to deal with the infection’s arrival.

“It was expected that the virus would come to Germany,” he wrote. “The case in Bavaria shows that we’re well prepared.”

Until Monday evening, only suspected cases had turned up in Germany. Some German states responded by increasing security controls at airports.

Spahn said the government had plans ready for how airports and hospitals should proceed in the event of a pandemic.

Flights from China that come to Germany will have to provide the health status of its passengers to air traffic control. Additionally, travelers will have to fill out forms detailing where they can be reached during the 30 days following their arrival.

German Military China Rescue Mission

Germany’s Airforce has sent a plane to China to evacuate 90 German citizens who live around Wuhan. They registered in a list by the German Foreign Office. On Thursday, the military will bring them back to Frankfurt am Main. #Coronavirus

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